Panel Discussion: Data Mining with Big Data

Xindong Wu (IEEE & AAAS Fellow, KAIS Editor-in-Chief), University of Vermont

Chris Clifton, Program Director, US National Science Foundation
Vipin Kumar, (IEEE & ACM & AAAS Fellow), University of Minnesota
Jian Pei (TKDE Editor-in-Chief), Simon Fraser University
Bhavani Thuraisingham (IEEE Fellow), University of Texas at Dallas
Geoff Webb (DMKD Editor-in-Chief), Monash University
Zhi-Hua Zhou (IEEE Fellow), Nanjing University


Big Data is a hot topic, but the vast amount of media hype does not seem to match with the useful content in all the noise about this topic. What new aspects does Big Data introduce to data mining, or is Big Data just data mining, from both academic and industrial perspectives? How does data mining change with Big Data, and what should data miners do to cope with these changes? This panel will explore these questions along with the features of the Big Data revolution.